Struggling to Afford, Maintain and Keep Up With your Computer Hardware?

For many organizations, affording and maintaining their business' computer hardware in-house is a real problem. In addition to the initial capital investment and ongoing maintenance involved, you constantly have to purchase upgrades as old hardware goes out of date. At CAT Systems, we have a better solution for businesses in Palm Beach County: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), which provides the hardware and IT support you need at a price you can afford.

HaaS from CAT Systems offers:
  • Setup of software applications you require to do business
  • Ongoing software and hardware upgrades and fixes
  • Quick delivery of new computer systems when you need them
  • Simple, convenient monthly billing, rather than regular capital investments
  • 24/7 tech support as well as regular maintenance
  • The flexibility to scale with your business' growth and future needs
Quality computer hardware is very important in today's fast moving business environment, but the resources required to buy, configure and support that hardware is often too much for most SMBs. But with HaaS's subscription-based payment model, you'll get the business computer hardware you need to get ahead of your competitors, while also freeing up your working capital.

Our Hardware as a Service solutions give you the time and energy to focus on expanding your business through technology rather than wasting time on old and depreciating hardware. Your employees will stay more efficient and focused and your business will benefit from having access to the newest technology. And never fear: Since we are a Palm Beach County computer hardware HaaS provider, we're close by if any questions or issues arise.

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