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About Us

CAT Systems, Inc. plays an important role as the world grows increasingly dependent upon technology to produce products and deliver service. We provide maintenance, repair and professional support services that enable sophisticated systems and equipment to operate productively. Our business areas encompass a wide range of sales, repair and network installation services, providing service to a customer base of sweeping dimensions.

CAT Systems Customer Service Division supplies a wide range of repair-related services. Our Field Service division encompasses CATS' factory trained technicians who perform onsite installations, maintenance services in addition to in house repairs of computer-related equipment such as Desktop, Notebook Computer Systems, Display Monitors, Printers (Dot- Matrix, Laser, Ink Jet, ), Plotters, Battery Back-up power supplies, Modems, Routers, Tape Drives, etc., thus eliminating costly delays and confusion when dealing with different equipment manufacturers of major brands and compatible systems.

CAT Systems Inc., experience allows for a unique versatility enabling us to meet our customers needs. Service options can range from labor only and parts and labor hardware maintenance contracts to software only maintenance agreements.

Some of our current customers include various citrus groves, government agencies, insurance & accounting companies, aviation and automotive entities, medical, dental & law offices, hospital and health care facilities and non-profit organizations.

Our Mission...

Whether your business requires one personal Computer or a multi-user system, CAT Systems, Inc., has the resources of it's Sales and Service departments to offer a complete solution to all of your computer needs. We develop solutions for business needs. In today's competitive market, businesses and individuals alike need a reliable computer system that will produce accurate results quickly, and will provide the expandability that will carry them successfully through the 21st century.

Over the last 24 years we have become one of the most prevalent service providers. Our

excellent reputation in the market is built on our long-standing relationship with our customers, business partners, and employees.

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